Code of Conduct for Teachers

Standards of Teaching, Knowledge, Skill, Competence and conduct The role of the teacher is to educate. The following ethical values underpin the standards of teaching, knowledge, skill, competence and conduct as set out in this code. On behalf of the teaching profession, the institute sets out the following standards that apply to all registered teachers regardless of their position. Code of Conduct Teachers should:

Be caring, fair and committed to the best interests of the pupils/students entrusted to their care and seek to motivate, inspire and celebrate effort and success

Acknowledge and respect the uniqueness, individuality and specific needs of pupils/ students and promote their holistic development

Be committed to equality and inclusion and to respecting and accommodating diversity including those differences arising from gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status, and any further grounds as may be referenced in equality legislation of the Indian Constitution

Seek to develop positive relationships with pupils/students, colleagues, parents, college management and others in the college community, that are characterized by professional integrity and judgment.

Act with honesty and integrity in all aspects of their work.

Respect the privacy of others and the confidentiality of information gained in the course of teaching, unless a legal imperative requires disclosure or there is a legitimate concern for the wellbeing of an individual

Represent themselves, their professional status, qualifications and experience honestly. 8. Avoid conflict between their professional work and private interests which could reasonably be deemed to impact negatively on pupils/students.

Ensure that any communication with pupils/ students, colleagues, parents, college management and others is appropriate, including communication via electronic media, such as email, texting and social networking sites

Teachers have to maintain lectures diary and get it checked from principal.

Teachers have to report institution by 8:15am every day and follow the time-table for lectures.

Teacher’s plan is prepared at the starting of the semester and its execution is observed.

Completion of internal work from student with its evaluation and timey upload it’s on university portal.

Teachers has to play role of mentor with assigned mentee.

To have overall development of students teachers has to undertake co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Teachers has been appointed on institution committees, the meetings of respective committees and record maintenance is to be done time to time.

Teachers has to make adjustment of lectures and other committee responsibilities before applying for any leave